Fully Finished Hand Tools


Profile :
We have electrolytic nickel plating, the back - bone of plating for decorative and corrosion resistance applications.
We have a contemporary top of the line high performance process for semi - automatic plating.

Finishes :
a) Bright Nickle - Chrome Finish
b) Dull - Nickel Chrome/ without Chrome finish
c) Satin - Gold Finish
d) Pearl Sheen Finish (SATIN CHROME)
e) Black Finish - Powder Coating / Electrophoretic Coating
f) Duplex Plating

a) Bright Nickel Chrome
We have brilliant deposits highly levelled and ductile suitable for wide range with Mirror finish.

b )Dull - Nickel Finish
We have dull Nickel finish deposits are highly ductile and leveled suitable for wide range of applications.

c) Satin - Gold Finish
We have Satin finish with Gold appearance duly lacquered for wide applications.
d) Pearl Sheen Finish (SATIN CHROME)
We have pearl sheen finish produce neat, silky, stain - free, highly decorative Nickel deposit, with chrome finish.

e) Black Finish - Powder Coating / Electrophoretic Coating
We have Nickel deposit with Jet - Black Chrome deposit produce excellent look with wide range of applications.

f) Duplex Finish
We have coumarin free advanced semi - bright Nickel system produces levelled semi-bright sulphur free Nickel deposit with excellent mechanical and corrosion resistance properties.